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Starting her artistic career at the age of 20, Zina was immersed, since her early childhood, in all things artistic. She grew up in an environment of diversity that helped her to hone her creative eye and her artistic sensibility. Trying her hand and enjoying a range of art forms and mediums, Zina found her passion in painting.


Growing up straddling the cultures of the Middle East and Europe, her work was influenced by her varied life experiences and travels, and her signature style gradually took shape. Her use of color, texture, and the hidden and layered symbols of her work narrated the stories she wanted to share.

Her work listens, it speaks, it vividly reflects a range of feelings that narrate a dialogue between the artist and her medium. For Zina it is the colors themselves that dictate and define how the pieces evolve.


In a hectic world, Zina's paintings inspire a call for internal adventure, a carved out space of protection and silence, and a retreat from the restless pace and rhythm of life.


Zina exhibits regularly in Switzerland and the Middle East. She lives and works next to Lake Geneva, in Switzerland.

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